How To Buy The Right Kids Sunglasses?

Although children are less inclined to wear kid’s sunglasses, they must be given the right pair of goggles to protect their eyes. As a parent, it is your duty to pick the best pair of goggles to ensure that nothing happens to your child’s eyes. Goggles are a much-needed accessory that can and will protect your child’s eyes when they are playing in the outdoors under bright sunlight.

Children’s eyes are delicate
Experts say that about half our lives are spent in the outdoors where our eyes are exposed to dangerous UV rays of the sun. Furthermore, by the time we attain the age of eighteen years, we could be exposed to considerable amount of UV rays. Children have delicate eyes that are more susceptible to damage from UV rays and hence it is the duty of every parent to ensure their eyes are protected to the fullest extent possible. This is only possible if you make your child wear the right kid’s sunglasses.

100 percent UV protection
When choosing these important items of eyewear, it is important to pick a pair that has lenses that provide 100 percent protection against UV rays. Here is a brief look at how you can pick the right pair for your child.

Impact-resistant lenses
The first thing you need to do when choosing corrective vision sunglasses for your child is make sure the lenses are impact resistant. Since children tend to play and jump and fall, there is a strong likelihood their sunglasses will be used very roughly. This in turn can cause unwanted damage to the lenses. One way to protect the lenses is by choosing those that are highly impact resistant. The best lenses for your child are those that are made of polycarbonate material. This material offers ten times the amount of impact resistance as compared to regular plastic lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are perfect for your child who can play jump and fall without causing damage to the lenses.

Good fit is important
Second, you need to ensure you buy kid’s sunglasses that offer the best fit. Just like you choose clothes that fit your body perfectly, you also need to make sure you pick goggles that fit your face perfectly. The best option as far as your child’s sunglasses go is to pick something that is large but close fitting at the same time. Such goggles will protect your child’s eyes from UV rays while also protecting their eyes from dust and debris.

Unbreakable frames are a must
Third, it makes sense to pick goggles for your child that are unbreakable. If the frames break while your child is wearing his or her glasses, it can do some unwanted damage to their face. A broken lens could easily damage your child’s eyes. To avoid such dangers, it makes sense for you to pick flexible frames that are made from unbreakable plastic.

Spring hinges
Fourth, you need to pick frames that are fitted with spring hinges. This adds a touch of flexibility to your frames which is important should your child use his or her glasses roughly. Spring hinges have the ability to flex up to or even beyond ninety degrees and they also have a spring action that keeps the frame fit. Also, spring hinges decrease the risk that your kid’s sunglasses will slip off or fall off their faces, especially when they are performing sporting activities.